About Us

The JDM Wildlife Family

JDM Wildlife was established in 2011 to exclusively breed, Golden Wildebeest with the best available genetics. Since then with the same goal in mind JDM Wildlife commenced breeding with various colour variants of Springbuck, with the Kalahari and Damara as firm favourites to enhance body weight, meat production and horn length amongst our normal and colour variant herds JDM is presently exploring the viability to introduce further species and breed with the same goal in mind. JDM is a family business managed by Tina and sons – David- Hein, Martin and Jan- Marco.

Apart from the ultimate goal to breed the best animals with top available genetics, we aim to build solid relationships with buyers of our animals to ensure lasting relationships and in future returning the offspring of the animals sold to enhance our various projects. JDM entered into a partnership with Lentegeur Wildlife in 2012. The partnership is beneficial to both JDM Wildlife and Lentegeur Wildlife as genetics in the possession of JDM Wildlife are enhanced by desirable genetics from Lentegeur Wildlife and visa-versa.

JDM Wildlife are excited about the future of the partnership and is striving to enhance and solidify the partnership to the benefit of prospective buyers of the genetics of JDM Wildlife stock. Lentegeur Wildlife since then aligned itself with the Wildswinkel Group and JDM’s best Golden and Split Wildebeest will from time to time be available at the Wildswinkel.

JDM is indeed a bright star on the horizon and is looking forward to building new relationships and exchange desirable genetics and enhancing genetic diversity amongst its animals..