Maroela Springbuck

Maroela Top Images

JDM’s most exciting and promising project to date is the Maroela Springbuck Project. The Maroela Springbuck is the rare gem of the Springbuck family and one of the most beautiful animals around. JDM Wildlife has been privileged enough to acquire a ram and two beautiful ewes in 2015. They were joined by white, cream and kalahari springbuck ewes in the first quarter of 2015. There are only a small number of Maroela Springbuck in South Africa. JDM Wildlife aims to breed this magnificent animal to ensure that other breeders have access to these stunning animals on their farms in the future. It is important for JDM Wildlife to promote the true Maroela Springbuck which show all the correct traits, are bred true and are functionally efficient animals.

    The traits of the Maroela Springbuck that must be present are:
  • An even Maroela colour along the back
  • Bronze brown stripes in the face
  • A light to dark coloured bronze brown “pronk”
  • Bronze brown stripe on the sides
  • A snow white underbelly

Should all of these traits not be present in a specific animal then that animal cannot be classified as a Maroela Springbuck. JDM Wildlife aim to make available to the market only top Maroela Springbuck genetics which have all of these traits. Being one of the rarest colour variants in the Springbuck family JDM Wildlife are extremely excited about the prospects of these little animals in the future JDM Wildlife’s long-term goal is to introduce these animals to the bushveld area in the near future.