Heartwater Springbuck

HSeartwater Springbuck

Heartwater Springbuck

Heartwater is a tick-borne disease which affects certain domestic and wild ruminants. The springbuck is one of the species that is highly susceptible to the disease but has in recent years become more established as animals with a natural resistance to the disease are bred.

It is every bushveld farmer’s dream to keep springbuck on their farm – our path to these animals was no different. With Lentegeur being in the Thabazimbi district, heartwater is severe in the area and the springbuck remained merely a distant dream for a number of years.

Copper Heartwater Springbuck

We realised our dream in 2015 when we acquired a small group of copper heartwater springbuck. Early teething problems were soon overcome and the project has since become well established.

We are expecting our first offspring from this project and aim to grow the project to a number where we are able to supply top-genetic breeding groups each year and are able to sustainably provide copper heartwater springbuck to other markets as well.

Kalahari Heartwater Springbuck

JDM since acquired a large group of normal heartwater springbuck ewes from some of the best bloodlines available, which all boast beautiful horn lengths, with our average in the group being around 8". A beautiful 16 1/2" ram has joined these ewes and the result over the coming season seems promising.

JDM Wildlife strives to supply the market with some of the largest bushveld rams available as well as moving our average ewes horns to a length of 10" + and producing a number of 15" rams each year. We aim to make available to our clients the very best available heartwater springbuck in the game breeding market.