Golden Wildebeest

At JDM Wildlife we take absolute pride in our Golden Wildebeest.

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Having built one of the best premier herds around, we can surely say that we can supply our clients with some of the very best genetics available. Our aim is to breed male animals that show masculinity, high libido, and who are functionally efficient in their environment, are light in colour, with acceptable body-mass and display trophy horns. Our female animals must show femininity, be highly fertile, have good mothering ability, be and functionally efficient, have light colouring and also have a good set of horns. By achieving these goals in the Golden Wildebeest breeding projects, we believe we can only contribute positively in other breeders breeding projects.


Golden Wildebeest naturally occurred along the Limpopo River basin, adjacent to the Tuli-Block of Botswana. Early farmers in the 1920’s called them “Vos Wildebeest”. The first Golden Wildebeest Bull was captured by Alec Rough in the early 1990’s on the game farm Swinburne in the Limpopo Valley. This is the area where the majority of Golden Wildebeest originate from. They formed an integral part of the large migratory herds that once moved freely between South Africa and Botswana. The golden gene is a recessive gene (similar to that of blue eyes in humans) and is naturally occurring. Many studies are currently being done to determine exactly which gene causes the beautiful colour that we today call Golden Wildebeest.


JDM commenced our breeding program in 2011 and decided from day one that only the best genetics would do in our breeding programs. We acquired a stunning golden bull and golden heifer from Jacques and Carolien Malan (Lumarie) at the Stud Game Breeders auction that same year and our journey started. In 2012 we partnered with Lentegeur Wildlife, a relationship that has propelled us forward when we acquired 18 Blue Wildebeest Cows pregnant from a Johan Bosch (Dinaka) and Piet du Toit (Mike 28") Bulls and two Golden Cows originating from Johan Bosch.

Our never-ending search for quality led us to acquire ten split heifers from the York Family (Golden Breeders) in 2013. The Golden Wildebeest project was taking shape but our search for the elusive perfect bull was still ongoing. On the 5th of February 2014 we found the perfect bull at Mahathi Game. A 29" Bull with high libido, perfect horn-shape, a light colour and large overall size. We knew we had found our perfect match – Apollo. The very same day Apollo joined the JDM Golden Wildebeest Project and the first offspring of sons and daughters of Apollo were born in December 2014. With our Golden Cows all measuring over 20", our split cows come from top blood-lines (with some measuring as big at 24") and a bull to match the very best out there, the future of the Golden Wildebeest Project at JDM Wildlife seems set to prosper.