About the JDM Wildlife family

JDM Wildlife was established in 2011 to exclusively breed, Golden Wildebeest with the best available genetics.

Since then with the same goal in mind JDM Wildlife commenced breeding with various colour variants of Springbuck, with the Kalahari and Damara as firm favourites to enhance body weight, meat production and horn length amongst our normal and colour variant herds.


The Golden Wildebeest

“Egoli Wildebeest”

At JDM Wildlife we take absolute pride in our Golden Wildebeest. Having built one of the best premier herds around, we can surely say that we can supply our clients with some of the very best genetics available. Our aim is to breed male animals that show masculinity, high libido, and who are functionally efficient in their environment, are light in colour, with acceptable body-mass and display trophy horns.

Our female animals must show femininity, be highly fertile, have good mothering ability, be and functionally efficient, have light colouring and also have a good set of horns.

By achieving these goals in the Golden Wildebeest breeding projects, we believe we can only contribute positively in other breeders breeding projects.


The Heartwater Springbuck

Heartwater is a tick-borne disease which affects certain domestic and wild ruminants. The springbuck is one of the species that is highly susceptible to the disease but has in recent years become more established as animals with a natural resistance to the disease are bred.

It is every bushveld farmer’s dream to keep springbuck on their farm – our path to these animals was no different. With Lentegeur being in the Thabazimbi district, heartwater is severe in the area and the springbuck remained merely a distant dream for a number of years.


Maroela Springbuck

The rare gem of the Springbuck family

JDM’s most exciting and promising project to date is the Maroela Springbuck Project. The Maroela Springbuck is the rare gem of the Springbuck family and one of the most beautiful animals around. JDM Wildlife has been privileged enough to acquire a ram and two beautiful ewes in 2015. They were joined by white, cream and kalahari springbuck ewes in the first quarter of 2015.

There are only a small number of Maroela Springbuck in South Africa. JDM Wildlife aims to breed this magnificent animal to ensure that other breeders have access to these stunning animals on their farms in the future. It is important for JDM Wildlife to promote the true Maroela Springbuck which show all the correct traits, are bred true and are functionally efficient animals.


What we’ve been up to

2015 was a busy year for the JDM Wildlife team. For the very first time JDM Wildlife put up animals for auction. We were fortunate to sell at two top auctions, namely Mahathi Game Production Auction (5 August at Mpatamacha) and the prestigious Golden Breeders Family Auction (26 September at Castle De Wildt).


Mahathi Game Production Auction

Hannes and his entire team worked tirelessly to make this auction a success, and that it was indeed. As guest sellers, we put up three very good splits on this auction, and the price reflected it appropriately. We received the second highest price for split golden wildebeest on the day – a proud moment for the JDM team!

We decided to do something very few others have done before – we guaranteed a golden calf in our package! We believe in standing firmly behind our genetics, and what better way to do it than through DNA and a guarantee? The Dirker Family are now the proud owners of three splits pregnant to our top bull– Apollo (29").

golden breeders

Golden Breeders Family Auction

An auction at Castle De Wildt needs very little introduction – and what a privilege for us to join 31 other sellers on the day! The entire Golden Breeders and Castle De Wildt team must be commended for hosting a wonderful event.

Once again three splits pregnant to Apollo (with a golden calf guarantee of course!) went under the hammer. All our expectations were exceeded, and we received the top price for pregnant splits on the very first Golden Breeders Family Auction.

Other sales

The Dirker Family purchased another two split cows pregnant from Apollo during the year. They really are building a super herd with top genetics!

The calving and lambing season is fast approaching, and 2016 is now nearly upon us, and we can guarantee it will be an even bigger year for the JDM Wildlife team!